Everyday we hear tragic news that another young person has lost their life, another family is going through heartache, and another young person is locked up, another young person lost in the system.

What if there was a place, where all youth organisations could share their resources share their skills and knowledge and form a collective voice for communities across London?

What if parents had an easier way to access help and support? A place where young people can go to get helpful friendly advice?

London Unity Festival is a pan London wide initiative to bring organisations, families, children and young people together. A day where youth organisations can effectively provide solutions to the issues our young people face on a daily basis.

Youth violence is at an all time high. With funding to youth services facing cuts across London, it is up to us as a whole to plug the hole and fill in the gaps!  “ It takes a village to raise a child”

Our first annual event will take place on Saturday 8th July, in East London’s most infamous Hackney Marsh. We’re starting our first event with a friendly five-a-side football tournament.   There will be music with a great line up of DJ’s which we will announce shortly… Carribbean food and more

At London Unity Festival we want to change the tone of conversation by focusing on the positive, by working together, by finding real solutions and making an impact.

Together we can do this! It starts now, it starts today, lets be the change that we want to see!

CONTACT 07379 560 010